July 22, 2009

The question that is begged

I posed this first in response to Loren's great TMR piece on Euthanasia as a means of Healthcare Cost Reduction - but I believe the question is begged to the point that I ought repeat herein...

Let's propose a hypothetical, assuming that the House and Senate are unsuccessful in their attempts to exempt themselves from this craptacular screw-job...

Under ObamaCare, what do you think are the odds that Teddy Kennedy would actually, legally and above board qualify for the advanced cancer treatments he's getting today?

I'd lay those odds at "slim to none, and slim just left town".

More likely, the representative from ObamaCare, LLC would simply tell him to take a pill.

Pretty much all you need to know about how this pretty much makes everyone miserable except the liberals who demand that everyone be equally miserable.

Ah, it would appear that someone beat me to the begging!

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