August 10, 2009

Dilemma of the day

Do I believe my own lying eyes and ears?  Or do I believe Boston Globe-Democrat lib-tard columnist Joan Vennochi?

Team Obama can spend August complaining about right-wing distortion of their healthcare agenda. Or, they can figure out how to tell their truth: Revamping healthcare is not an evil socialist plot to take away American rights. It’s a patriotic movement to guarantee them.

Socialism - it's the new Patriotism.

Oh, and their truth?  That's precious, Joan.  Simply precious.

There shouldn’t be a country where the wealthy can always count on access to the best medical care; and the middle class is only OK until a downward economic spike throws their life, budget, and access to medical treatment into turmoil.

No.  Evidently in Vennochi-land, there should be an America where the politicians and politically connected can count on access to the best medical care, and for everyone else it's Soylent Green.

Please do read the rest of this unintentionally hilarious column - and the comments as well.  Here's a hint, when the comments - in the Boston Freaking Globe - are running against a lib-tard's arguments nearly 2-1 - well, you can draw your own conclusion.

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You got to love the full court press by the Dems and their Obots....  the DNC is now calling all who are against the " Congressional Concentration Camp Health Care Plan" as un-American, part of a the vast right wing consipracy and the best line....this is what America voted for overwhelmingly in the last election.  Overwhelming?   I thought the popular vote was only 53% and 47% percent... Funny how now they are embracing the Electoral College, something that was evil when Gore got "robbed" in 2004.  Funny how the night moves?

Posted by: Auggie at August 11, 2009 08:41 AM (g8ibn)

2 My only quibble - Sore/Loserman was the 2000 election, not 2004.

Otherwise, spot-on.

Posted by: DocJ at August 11, 2009 08:53 AM (zTlKP)

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