August 07, 2009

Don't worry, I've already reported myself to

You know, I consider myself to be just about the farthest thing from a radical that exists.  My former, spectacularly undistinguished career wearing Our Nation's Uniform notwithstanding, I'm really a rather inherently non-violent person; an Opus Dei Catholic and all that, who has been known to almost wreck his car to avoid hitting a chipmunk in the road, and such.

And I'm pretty darn sure everyone who knows me personally would agree.

Yet after reading stuff like this, in the context of this and this, I find myself with visions of sharpening pitchforks, cleaning shotguns and mixing Molotov cocktails constantly dancing through my head lately.  And I'm finding that my long-stored Army field manuals are becoming a pretty good read - for the first time, in many cases.

And if that's the case, I can only wonder what's going through the minds of my fellow morons who may be a bit less - ahem - subtle in their preferred approach to solving political problems.

Methinks none of this will end well.  At all.

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To pick up on your defensive posture to be armed and ready.... What are the fools in Californication going to do when they start releasing 25% of the prison population (so ordered by a Fed Court Judge this week) and go to buy a gun for the first time in their lives?

Because of their moronic laws, they either will not be able to buy one or have a long waiting period to "qualify" to get one.... (This is what happens when you throw out the 2nd Amendment and don't pay attention to your Constitution).  Now it gets even worse, if they can get one, they will not find any as American Firearms manufacturers are working 7/24/365 to keep up with demand!   Now it gets even WORSE, there is no ammo to buy....manufactures are 7/24/365 making munitions for the military.   No time to run lines for the public!

Remember the Korean business owners who went out to buy guns after the Watts riots?   LOLOLOL   WTF?  SOOL !!!!!  Deja vu all over again.......




Posted by: Auggie at August 07, 2009 12:32 PM (g8ibn)

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