March 30, 2009

Let's have them practice on you, Bill Maher.

Just when you think disgusting lib-pansy fucktard Bill Maher could not possibly plumb depths deeper than those he's already plumbed, he manages to double-down on disgraceful.

Great idea, Maher. I suggest they use every orifice in your body for practice, but that's honestly too good for you.

Just think of England and it will all be over in a couple of hours, asshole.

At a minimum, they'll probably manage to keep that perty-little-mouth of yours occupied long enough to contemplate what a worthless piece of cow shit you are.

H/T: Top Headlines @ AoSHQ, who credits AP.

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March 29, 2009

The question that is begged.

I have no love lost for former GM CEO Rick Wagoner, but given the Epic Fail! job Team Zero has done putting their own staff together do you really think it's a good idea letting these people decide who should be running General Motors?

Just asking.

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March 28, 2009

Late, but the right decision.

Barely Catholic university decides that hosting an unrepentent, violent, 60's radical perhaps isn't a great idea after all.

Ayers... was due to speak at Boston College on education reform and civic engagement at the invitation of Americans for Informed Democracy and the College Democrats.

Heh - "Informed" Democracy?  How, erm, Orwellian coming from the very wingnuts who are pushing so hard to shut-down talk radio, eh?

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March 27, 2009

Another unpublished feature of Obamnomics.

All those "Green Jobs" El Presidente is talking about?  Turns out they are great stimulators of unemployment.

If Spain's experience is any guide, there are serious job losses from green stimulus measures like the ones contemplated in Obama's plans. According to a study from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, For every new job sustained by subsidized renewable energy at least 2.2 are lost in other industries.


H/T: GP.

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Shocker! Democrats like like rugs about tax cuts.


Or maybe you prefer this take?

You're shocked, I know.

Amazing though, the number of people who fall for this every so often.  Like they say - ignorance is curable but stupid is forever.

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Sure, this is tuition money well spent.

Today's morons?  The geniuses who run the nominally Catholic university known as Boston College.

What generates more controversy at nominally Catholic university Boston College: A crucifix in the classroom, or an unrepentant domestic terrorist in a lecture hall?

Based on the media coverage and faculty reaction, it's the crucifix.  Because terrorist William Ayers is speaking at Boston College this Monday, and nobody seems to care.


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March 26, 2009

Good thing there's noting important for the President to do.

True to form, the President is acting like it's his first real job.

Holy Fucking Shit - when, oh when are the grown-ups going to be back?

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March 25, 2009

About those "Inherited Deficits"

Uh, yeah.  Right.

So, how's all that "Change" we voted for - in 2006 - working out for us?

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March 24, 2009

Well, it's working so well in Ugo's Paradise.

And, of course, everything here in Obamerica is going according to plan...

So why not give Turbo Tax Timmy the power to seize non-banking financial institutions as well as banks?

The Obama administration is considering asking Congress to give the Treasury secretary unprecedented powers to initiate the seizure of non-bank financial companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, whose collapse would damage the broader economy, according to an administration document. ...

Giving the Treasury secretary authority over a broader range of companies would mark a significant shift from the existing model of financial regulation, which relies on independent agencies that are shielded from the political process.

What could possibly go wrong?

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And speaking of Greg Mankiw...

The Professor today is kind enough to provide a very brief overview into just how wildly, ludicrously, idiotically optimistic are Zero's assumptions of future economic growth.

H/T: AoSHQ, who suggested Zero's assumptions were "bordering on delusional".  I respectfully disagree - Zero and Comrades know precisely that they are full of shit, but expect Oprah Nation to go along with the smoke and mirrors long enough to implement the bulk (if not the entirety) of their Free Lunch Someone Else Pays ForTM agenda.

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March 23, 2009

OK, so the delay is over.

But really, isn't this the same crap Henry Paulson was trying to sell us (and was resoundingly rejected) 6-months ago?

So in other words, the super-smartest guy in the world needed 3-months to re-package what was rejected by his "hair on fire" predecessor - is that about right?

And as an aside - if this is the solution to a fantastically mis-diagnosed problem, then how in Heaven's name can it possibly "work" in the sense of actually getting the economy moving again?

Update: It would appear that Turbo Tax may have been cribbing from Greg Mankiw as well. 

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March 20, 2009

I'm starting to think this IS the plan.

Delays, delays, nothing but delays.

You know, it's almost as if these guys have absolutely no idea what the fuck they're doing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...

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Well, this is shocking.

Uh, not at all, actually.

President Barack Obama's budget would generate deficits averaging almost $1 trillion a year over the next decade, according to the latest congressional estimates, significantly worse than predicted by the White House just last month.

Translation - The Unicorn King was lying his fucking ass off in putting forward his budget, evidently written by that noted faux economist Rosy Scenario.

The awesomeness never ends.

Expect this news to get shoved down a memory hole as fast as the MSM can recycle an AIG OUTRAGETM story.

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My economics question for the day...

Joy - here's where I get to show-off what a moron I am.  Oh well, here goes.

I keep hearing/reading about The Dangers of DeflationTM - and that's why we need to prime, prime, prime the pump of the economy.  In theory, I get it - if you know something is going to be cheaper 6-months from now you're not going to buy that something for 6-months, only to put it off again when you realize it will be even cheaper if you wait longer.  For a consumer based economy such as ours, I understand that to be the so-called Death Spiral of prices, wages, jobs, etc.

Like I said, I get that much.

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March 19, 2009

Do us all a favor, Governator.

Just girl-up and switch parties.

You're already 99.99% of the way there.

But if you're not going to do the right and honorable thing, could you at least shut your pie-hole over your man-love for Dear Leader?

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Reap... sow. Sow... reap.

Seems that some network-types are becoming increasingly irritated by the amount of national face time the would-be savior of the world is requesting.

You know what?  Too fucking bad, assholes.

You created this bastard.  You nursed him.  You protected him from any and all serious vetting of his micron-thick resume.

And now you're afraid you're going to lose a million or two because Teh One needs to have his messiah-sized ego stroked?

Eat it - now you get to kiss his ass like the rest of us have to, dipshits.

Other than that I really don't have any strong opinions on the subject.

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Gee, it's a good thing "the adults" are back in charge. Eh?

Yep, good thing that Culture of CorruptionTM is a thing of the past.

Uh, what was that?

Kansas lawmakers want to know whether a Johnson County nonprofit used its political connections to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to get a special funding increase last fall.

Holy. Shit.

It does beg the question though - is there anyone, fucking anyone, left in the Democrat Party who doesn't have ethical/legal/tax troubles?

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March 18, 2009

Amateur Hour.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT): Yeah, I'm the one who jammed that AIG bonus loophole into Spendulus.

But the White House made me do it.

So, all the wailing and rending of garments over Bonus-gate... and they, the Democrats, the Agents of Hopenchange, are responsible for it.

There is no way the Republic survives 4-years of this crap.

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As if by magic...

... Da Fed makes $1,000,000,000,000 appear out of thin air.

Saying that the recession continues to deepen, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it would pump an extra $1 trillion into the economy by buying mortgage-backed securities and long-term Treasury issues.


Wall Street seemed to love this idea.  Swell - I suppose.

Until a pack of gum costs $20, of course.

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You know, maybe we won't charge vets for their care after all.

The Obama Administration - scary smart.

Well, good - glad they got this one right.  I mean, this was a dopey-to-the-n-power idea that never had a chance of seeing the light of day, much less becoming law - but still, glad to see the expiration date on this one come sooner rather than later.

So, another unforced error by the messiah.  Pretty soon people are going to start questioning his competence.

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